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Rebuilding my website from scratch
because I can

I've had a personal website for years and have gone through so many different design, hosting, and tool changes. My last idea was to use a Gatsby/React toolchain with a fancy space theme but I could never seem to finsh. It's like I want to have a website, not be pushing through a never-ending project.

Why do websites need to be fancy? Why does mine need to use bleeding edge tech and be impressive? In a hiring context, it doesn't prove I know what I'm doing. At the end of the day I just want to write on the internet and that doesn't require anthing more than some text. This is my commitment to myself to stop trying and start writing.

Maybe I've been hanging around a weird corner of the internet for too long but I'm tired of being tracked, advertised to, and treated as a product. I also don't want to impose it on others so this site won't use any JS, include tracking, and will be hosted on GitHub pages becuase it's easy.